Frequently asked questions

Q. How will you make a decision?

In no time at all actually, Provided with local knowledge, access to premium properties and unlimited  assistance to some amazing resources we have your back... guaranteed.

Q. What are the housing areas and costs ?

Housing areas consist of approximately six main districts please enquire for a copy of our mapped areas showing housing precincts, schools and main business districts.

Houses can be expensive in Jakarta so its important to understand the costs involved prior to negotiating your housing budget. We are happy to supply accurate costs on application as rentals change very rapidly but AN AVERAGE house cost is $3500USD  to $4500USD in some popular expat areas.

Q. How long will it take to find the right property?

Based on individual needs our shortlisted properties allow you the freedom to compare and experience many suitable properties in the smallest possible timeframe. Based on work, schooling and social requirements you can be sure to see first hand the best that Jakarta has to offer. Most clients arrive at a decision after viewing vary few homes as we do the hard work behind the scenes. Photographs play an important role in pre determining your hit list and all our properties have been catalogued for this purpose. Examples freely given to help you understand whats available. 

Q. What can we expect from you?

At ski our expectations are high! We pride ourselves on producing the best possible service from trained specialists who truly understand your needs.

We will assist you on everyday things like where to find staff, car purchases, rental equipment, school analysis and comparisons, banking requirements,  the list is long feel free to contact us for a comprehensive list of what we can do to assist you. Of course we specialise in home search by offering transport from the airport, itinerary of suitable homes to inspect, to lease negotiation & inventory checks. Our welcome packs are free and provide valuable insight into many products and services all designed to have you hit the ground running from day 1. We have excellent relationships with many of Jakarta's premium home owners who give our clients preferential treatment and negotiable rates to suit all budgets.

Q. Who pays Ski to help me?

Our services are paid on a commission basis by the home owners (referred to as vendors) not by you or your companies. Makes sense to ask for free help doesn't it?

Q. What type of housing can we expect in jakarta?

Housing consists of many different options.stand alone properties, complex housing, townhouses and apartments among the most common. Houses are typically large and all have provision for staff to live in if desired.Traditional, modern, compact  Jakarta has it all. Properties almost always have a pool and many are single level bungalow style. Security fences and gates allow for maximum privacy and security and are standard on all properties.

Q. Why choose Ski Konsultan indonesia?


Our marketing consultants can provide expert advice, assistance and knowledge based on the fact they we are expats who have gone through the same processes.From our unique prospective you can be sure you are being represented by knowledgable people with a network guaranteed to give you the best possible service and outcomes.